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"Play is the highest form of research"
Albert Einstein

Group Juggling
a SlowTech Game

* Age:                  6 +
* Participants:    6 to 14
* Place:                indoor and outdoor
* Material:          Tennis-ball (the size of the ball should be appropriate to
                               the skills of the participants to catch it)
* Organization:  circle
* Objectives:      communication / cooperation / perceptiveness / learn
                              the names of the other group members / manual skills
* Description:

Participants stay in the circle and pass the ball from the one person to another. Before passing the ball to someone, the player has to say the name of the person. The aim is to not let the ball fall down. Every member of the group has to receive the ball, before someone gets it the second time.
Variation: pass the ball several times in the same name order; pass also 2-3-4 or more balls in the circle to have a nice ?group juggling?.

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