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"Play is the highest form of research"
Albert Einstein

Pass the rope
a SlowTech Game

* Age:                  6 +
* Participants:    6 to 8 players per team
* Place:                indoor and outdoor
* Material:          2,5 meters rope making a loop
* Organization:  circle
* Objectives:      communication / cooperation / fun /
                              kinetic skills /  patience
* Description:

All teams - each of 6 to 8 players - are set in circles. The team-mates hold hands and they are not allowed to breake the circle. Each team has a rope tied in a loop. The objective is to pass the rope from neighbour to neighbour following the circle. The rope loop should go around all the circle faster than the other team(s). When a team has finished all team players stretch their hands in the air and yell ?stop?.
Variation: play the same game sitting on the flour.

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