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"Play is the highest form of research"
Albert Einstein

The Pipeline
a SlowTech Game

* Age:                  8 +
* Participants:    6 to 8 players per team
* Place:                indoor and outdoor
* Material:          1 "pipeline" per player (a piece of thick paper shaped
                               as a
gutter) ;  1 tennis-ball per team
* Organization:  each group in line
* Objectives:      communication / cooperation / kinetic skills
* Description:

Each team gets one tennis-ball and every player a piece of pipeline. A pot stands in a distance of 20-25m from the starting point. After the starting signal "Go", each team has to transport the ball by the pipeline into the pot.  The players create the pipeline by using their pieces continuously. If the ball falls to ground, the team gets 5 "penal seconds". The team which first throws  the ball into the pot, is the winner.
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