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"Play is the highest form of research"
Albert Einstein

Rope Skipping
a SlowTech Game

* Age:                   8 +
* Participants:    10 to 30
* Place:                outdoor
* Material:         one long rope
* Organization:  single players and teams of 2,3,6 players
* Objectives:      teamwork / kinetic skills / communication / trust
* Description:

Two people are turning a long rope, making big loops. In the beginning everyone is trying to pass under the rope without touching it. In a second step, people try to pass the rope in teams of two, and then three players etc. until reaching a maximum 5-6 people per team. The basic rule is that the team members are physically connected to each other (e.g. holding hands) and have a common acoustic signal before running.
At the beginning, when each one tries to cross the rope without touching it, there is no spirit of competition. Forming teams is gradually building up a team spirit.
In order to improve the team-spirit, it may be interesting to spice up the game by adding some difficulties. For example asking the team to make a jump over the rope during the crossing, or ask one (or more) of the team members to close his/her eyes. This helps the team to build up a common strategy and to develop confidence in each other.

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