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"Play is the highest form of research"
Albert Einstein

Viking Football
a SlowTech Game

* Age:                    8 +
* Participants:    10 to 30
* Place:                outdoor
* Material:          one ball (a light/soft ball could also do) + one rope
                              to divide the play field
* Organization:  2 teams
* Objectives:      teamwork / cooperation /  kinetic skills / strategy / fun
* Description:

We must first of all set up two teams, here called A and B. A player of team A kicks the ball into field of team B. Then all members of team A get together as close as possible, while the player who kicked the ball runs around the whole group (1 lap completed = 1 point). Meanwhile, one player of Team B has caught the ball. The whole team B forms a line behind him/her, at arm distance.
Each member of team B passes the ball to the player behind him/her, starting from the player who caught the ball, alternately above the head and below the legs. When it reaches the end of the line, the last player yells ?stop? and the ?runner? of team A has to stop. They declare the points, e.g. 6 laps = 6 points. Now one player of team B is kicking the ball into the field of team A and then running around his team and so on.  Whoever catches the ball doesn?t move from that position.  For a better tracking of the score, request a player from the team to count each lap loud.
The dynamism of this game is created by the rapid succession when kicking and receiving the ball from one field to another. Do not hesitate to motivate the teams in order to speed up the game.

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