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Coming workshop

Krakˇw (Poland) 13-17 May 2015
Final Dissemination Conference:
How to improve our real life relationships
in the internet era.


"Play is the highest form of research"
Albert Einstein

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German Partner

Fokolar Bewegung Solingen is located in Solingen (North Rhine-Westphalia) and maintains an own training centre. According to the statutes, the organisations commits itself to Christian values and actively promotes the dialogue between people, cultures and religions. All activities are based on common human values, notably humanity and peace, striving to give Europe a new soul based on fundamental human rights and citizenship.

Fokolar-Bewegung Solingen member of the int'l "Focolare Movement", a civil society NGO network founded in 1943.
At present, the network comprises 140,000 members in over 180 countries worldwide. On the basis of the int?l network, the applicant has been organising transnational activities and projects with European partners.
They have implemented the international platform "Together for Europe" ( comprising of 170 civil society movements and communities throughout Europe.

Special focus is laid on informal peace and human rights education targeting at young people. The first highlight of network activities was an international congress in 2004 under the patronage of EC-President Romano Prodi and the UNESCO (Title: "Discovering and Sharing Wealth"). The last congress was held in Mai 2007 with 8,000 participants (patron: EC-President JosÚ Manuel Barroso).

At national and international levels Fokolar-Bewegung Solingen e.V. co-ordinates and implements (mainly in co-operation with the other member and partner NGOs) a wide range of activities, such as:
* National and int'l meetings and events related to mutual understanding.
* Informal, life-long education and training for young people, families and senior citizens.
* Programmes to combat violence, racism and xenophobia in school and outer school environments.
* Socio-cultural projects for empowerment esp. of disadvantaged and marginalised youngsters.
* Civic and human rights information and training to promote active citizenship.
* Initiatives for intercultural and interreligious exchange and dialogue.
* Lobbying and advocacy work related to youth policies and fundamental rights issues.
* Social and charitable projects for marginalised people combined with grass-root initiatives and community work.
* Projects in favour of developing countries esp. Asia, Africa, Latin America.
* Model projects to develop new forms of living together.