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Coming workshop

Kraków (Poland) 13-17 May 2015
Final Dissemination Conference:
How to improve our real life relationships
in the internet era.


"Play is the highest form of research"
Albert Einstein

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French Partner

The non profit association GENERATION NOUVELLE was created in 1976 in Alsace (France) and is working on a regional and European level. Its main scope is to promote brotherhood among people. Educational activities for youth and adults are carried out both locally and at international level, with a special focus on citizenship and tolerance. Some 40 members are involved on a voluntary base.

Conferences and meetings are organized every month to help people learn the pedagogy of dialogue in spite of different cultural and religious backgrounds. We outline just two of our many activities:
1. The GENERATION NOUVELLE association has an active part in the "Together for Europe", a network of 170 movements and communities throughout Europe, with a special focus on peace and human rights education. In May 2004, following the "Together for Europe" event in Stuttgart, our association has led a meeting for 500 people at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on "Unity among European People" with the participation of Strasbourg Mayor.
2. Since 2006, a "Dinner Debate" (Diner-Débat) is organized every year for people with political responsibilities. The main scope is to build brotherhood and cohesion beyond political differences. The last "Dinner Debate" was held on December 2013 for some 50 people, including local elected representatives and people in charge of different associations on the theme "Brotherhood, a booster for city's life".

One of our project managers, Mario Ponta, has a long experience in forming young people and adults to "media ecology" ( He has recently published a book on "Parents, Children and Screens" ( for Nouvelle Cité Printing Press (released Jan. 2014). Together with Alois Hechenberger (Austria - was at the origin of this project.