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Coming workshop

Kraków (Poland) 13-17 May 2015
Final Dissemination Conference:
How to improve our real life relationships
in the internet era.


"Play is the highest form of research"
Albert Einstein

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Hungarian Partner

In 1993 the Új Város Alapítvány Foundation was established to work on the creation of universal peace, of a more human, brotherly and unified world. It strives to build a culture of mutual acceptance and a civilization of love by promoting the cooperation of nations, ethnical groups, social classes, individuals and communities along primal, universal values. It is opened to everyone, independently of age, social condition, religious confession or believe, ethnic and gender. The Foundation's activities reach all Hungarians including those living outside its borders. It is responsible for the Új Város monthly magazine and the online news service and keeps up an active book publisher that help to publicize it's ideas and works on the creation of a civilization of respect, tolerance and love. It also inspires a broad youth network through various media channels besides promoting local, national and international meetings and camps.

These are the foundation's main activities:
1) Social activities, family support, care for elderly people;
2) Cultural heritage protection;
3) Cultural and educational activities;
4) Media and communications;
5) Child and youth protection, representing child and youth interests;
6) Promoting the equality of social opportunities of underprivileged groups;
7) Activities concerning trans-border Hungarians.