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Coming workshop

Krakˇw (Poland) 13-17 May 2015
Final Dissemination Conference:
How to improve our real life relationships
in the internet era.


"Play is the highest form of research"
Albert Einstein

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Polish Partner

Fiore Association is a non-governmental organization established in the Autumn of 2007 by a group of people committed to the idea that seeking social synergy, rather than social rivalry, is an intrinsically human attitude. The association launched its operations in January 2008. The overarching objective of the association is to work with children, adolescents and adults of different environments (e.g. urban and rural), different occupations and family status (singles, families) with the view to promoting a culture of cooperation. The association is a part of an informal network bringing together like-minded, established NGO's from around Europe, which guarantees access to a vast pool of best practices and experience.

An example of Fiore's activities was its contribution to the global campaign "Let's Colour the City", under which people from Rzeszˇw and Krakˇw giving or structure, assistance for received funds and prepare gadgets and prizes for other participants in the campaign. In 2008 the association raised funds for an international exchange involving youth from Poland, Lithuania and Slovakia. Consequently, Fiore was recognized as a public benefit entity under Polish volunteering and charity law, which also resulted in its eligibility for 1% income tax-deducted donations from individuals. Consecutive international exchange scheme was implemented in 2009, this time encompassing youth from 6 countries: Poland, Spain, Lithuania, Slovakia, Romania, and Italy. Since 2011 we are part of the international partnership under the Long Life Learning Program, Grundtvig Partnership Action.

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